Jeremiah 15 ©

1 The determined rejection and manifold judgments of the Jews. 10 Jeremiah complaining that he is the object of universal hatred, God promiseth good to him amidst the general calamity. 15 He complaineth of the evils he underwent for God's sake. 19 God promiseth to support and favour him in the due discharge of his office.


THEN said the LORD unto me, aThough Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my mind could not be toward this people: bcast them out of my sight, and let them go forth.


And it shall come to pass, if they say unto thee, Whither shall we go forth? then thou shalt tell them, Thus saith the LORD; cSuch as are for death, to death; and such as are for the sword, to the sword; and such as are for the famine, to the famine; and such as are for the captivity, to the captivity.


And I will dappoint over them four 1kinds, saith the LORD: the sword to slay, and the dogs to tear, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the earth, to devour and destroy.


And I will 2cause them to be eremoved into all kingdoms of the earth, because of fManasseh the son of Hezekiah king of Judah, for that which he did in Jerusalem.


For gwho shall have pity upon thee, O Jerusalem? or who shall bemoan thee? or who shall go aside to ask 3how thou doest?


Thou hhast forsaken me, saith the LORD, thou art gone backward: therefore will I istretch out my hand against thee, and destroy thee; jI am weary with repenting.


And kI will fan them with a fan in the gates of the land; I lwill bereave them of 4children, I will destroy my people, since they mreturn not from their ways.


nTheir widows are increased to me above the sand of the seas: I have brought upon them against the 5mother of the young men oa spoiler at noonday: I have caused him to fall upon it suddenly, and terrors upon the city.


She pthat hath borne seven languisheth: she hath given up the ghost; qher sun is gone down while it was yet day: she hath been ashamed and confounded: and rthe residue of them will I deliver to the sword before their enemies, saith the LORD.


sWoe is me, my mother, that thou hast borne me a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth! I have tneither lent on *usury, nor men have lent to me on usury; yet every one of them doth curse me.


The LORD said, u*Verily it shall be well with thy remnant; verily I will 6cause the enemy to entreat thee well in the time of evil and in the time of affliction.


vShall iron break the northern iron and the steel?


Thy wsubstance and thy treasures will I give to the spoil without price, and that for all thy sins, even in all thy borders.


And xI will make thee to pass with thine enemies into ya land which thou knowest not: for a zfire is kindled in mine anger, which shall burn upon you.


¶O LORD, athou knowest: remember me, and visit me, and revenge me of my persecutors; btake me not away in thy longsuffering: know that cfor thy sake I have suffered rebuke.


Thy words were found, and I did deat them; and ethy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for 7I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.


I fsat not in the assembly of the mockers, nor rejoiced; I gsat alone because of thy hand: for thou hast hfilled me with indignation.

f Ps. 1.1; 26.4,5.

Why is imy pain perpetual, and my wound incurable, which refuseth to be healed? jwilt thou be altogether unto me as a liar, and as waters that 8fail?


¶Therefore thus saith the LORD, If kthou return, then will I bring thee again, and thou shalt lstand before me: and if mthou take forth the precious from the *vile, thou shalt be as my mouth: nlet them return unto thee; but return not thou unto them.


And oI will make thee unto this people a fenced brasen wall: and they shall fight against thee, but pthey shall not prevail against thee: for I am with thee to save thee and to deliver thee, saith the LORD.


And qI will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible.