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(Authorised Version Annotated Exodus Inleiding)


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The Greeks call this book Exodus, that is, a going forth, or coming forth. This name most translators of the Bible do retain and make use of, since it agrees so well with the principal matter contained in it. For, after the Holy Spirit has shown in the beginning of this book the great increase of the children of Israel in Egypt and how Pharaoh sought to suppress them, He goes on to describe the birth, the wonderful preservation and education of Moses and how God had called and sent both him and his brother Aaron, to lead forth, and deliver his people of Israel out of the house of bondage in Egypt. This Pharaoh (being hardened and remaining so) refused to let them go. Therefore God visited the land of Egypt with ten grievous plagues, and thereafter He led forth his people by Moses, with great wealth and by a stretched out hand, out of Egypt after they that had eaten the paschal lamb. He led them through the Red Sea, (wherein Pharaoh, pursuing them, was drowned with histransgression, but Moses’ intercession prevailed with Him to spare them. Moses desired to see the face of God. Thereafter God renews his Covenant with the Israelites by Moses, whose face became shining. Further, Moses relates the gifts and presents, which the people brought for the making of the tabernacle, even more than enough for all things required. After what was previously mentioned was entirely perfected according to the command and pattern, which God showed Moses in the mount, the tabernacle was set up, anointed, and became filled with the glory of God.

This book contains an historical account of what did happen to the Israelites in the space of an hundred forty-two years, after the computation of some.


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