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(Authorised Version Annotated 1 John Inleiding)


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It was never doubted amongst Christians that the apostle and evangelist, John, the son of Zebedee, and brother of James, Mat. 10:2, the disciple whom the Lord loved, John 13:23, wrote this epistle. The purpose and intention which the apostle has in this epistle, is, as he shows himself, 1 John 3:23, partly to strengthen the faithful in the truth of the doctrine of the Gospel; and partly to exhort them to a godly life, and especially to the exercise of love. Both these parts are so handled one among another that he speaks now of one point, than of the other. And first, having set forth the certainty and profitableness of the christian doctrine, he shows that he holds forth the same to them, in order that they may have communion with God, which CHRIST has procured for us by His blood, and which we obtain when we, acknowledging our sins, believe in Him, and walk in the light, chapter 1; declares that he teaches this, not that we may sin thereupon, but for the comfort of sinners. Exhorts them to the keeping of the commandment of love, both old and young; dissuades them from the love of the world. Warns them of antichrists or false teachers, and exhorts them that they do not suffer themselves to be seduced by them, chapter 2. He exhorts them further, that, seeing they are children of God, they should live holily and flee from sin; and especially love one another, not in words only, but in action, chapter 3. Afterwards that they must take heed of false teachers; and again that they should love one another, chapter 4. Teaches who they are who are born of God, and that the love of God and our neighbor cannot be separated, and proves that JESUS CHRIST is the only Savior, and that we must believe in Him, and flee from idols, chapter 5.


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