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(Authorised Version Annotated 2 Samuel Inleiding)


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In this book are described the accounts, after Saul’s death, under the kingly government of David. And therein is lively portrayed on the one hand the incomprehensible grace and favor of God shown to David; not only temporally and corporally, by having exalted him after much suffering unto the comfort of His people by His Divine Providence to the kingly office, first over Judah, then over all Israel. Further having endowed him with many sons, supporting him likewise with stout officers and many valiant soldiers of war, adorning him with heroic valor, establishing, increasing and enlarging his kingdom, and granting him very many and wonderful victories against all his foreign and domestic enemies, but also effectually spiritually and eternally, by ruling him by the Spirit of faith and adoption, of prophecy, extraordinary religiousness and godliness, wisdom, righteousness, mercy, humility, patience and other very commendable virtues, which continually appeared in all his actions and government; doing him besides (upon occasion that he wanted to build an house for God) such exceeding glorious promises of the spiritual, heavenly, and everlasting Kingdom of the MESSIAH, our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST, Who would proceed from his seed, according to the flesh, and unto Whose example God has appointed him together with his son and successor, Solomon.

On the contrary, there are also, on the other hand, not concealed, but very circumstantially described, the grievous sins, with which this most worthy servant and man of God sometimes transgressed against his most bountiful God, by the seduction of Satan, and the weakness of his own flesh, especially in the matter of Uriah, the Hittite, and the presumptuous numbering of the people. By a true and hearty repentance he has been truly pardoned for this by God, but was notwithstanding chastised with sharp and smarting rods for his own and the churches’ benefit. This appears by the intense grief and heartache which he suffered from his children, wives and subjects, and especially by that abominable and most dangerous conspiracy and rebellion of his own son Absalom, before whom he had to flee in his old age. Although the LORD did not forsake him in this, and in all other troubles, nor cast him away from His presence, but even strengthened him with an holy confidence and patience, and evermore gave him a good deliverance. It is evidently clear that He is a faithful and holy God, Who, notwithstanding the manifold shortcomings and unworthiness of His children, yet faithfully keeps His gracious covenant, but does not in the meantime approve or endorse their sins. This book contains the history of about forty years, 2 Sam.5:4; namely, from the beginning of David’s kingdom to the end of it, also, the last conspiracy of his son Adonijah, together with his death, which are not described in this book, but in the beginning of the following first book of the Kings.


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