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(Authorised Version Annotated Amos Inleiding)


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Amos, who was a herdsman of Tekoa in the land of Judah, is called by God to the prophetical office and sent especially to the ten tribes or the kingdom of Israel, where, in the time of king Jeroboam the son of Joash, he, besides the prophet Hosea, prophesied all this at God’s command. Having first proclaimed the judgments of God against the neighboring nations by reason of their enmity against the people of God, he comes, Amos 2:4, to deal with Judah, and principally with Israel, to whom in the following chapters he prophecies God’s righteous judgments, and in express terms the total destruction of their state and kingdom by the prevailing enemy, together with the carrying away and scattering of them among the heathen, because of the multitude of their abominable sins against the first and second table, and their obstinacy against all Divine corrective punishments, and exhortations for amendment, as appears by the contents of the chapters. These prophecies are confirmed by sundry visions and manifestations of God’s power and majesty. Nevertheless over and above this God promises to preserve graciously a remnant, and to set up the Kingdom of the MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST, to the salvation of all the elect both Jews and Gentiles, from verse 8 of chapter 9 to the end of this prophecy.


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