Acts 11 ©

1 Peter, being accused for conversing with the Gentiles, maketh his defence; the church is satisfied, and glorifieth God. 19 The gospel having spread as far as Phenice, Cyprus, and Antioch, 22 Barnabas is sent thither, who fetcheth Saul from Tarsus; many people are taught at Antioch, where the disciples are first called Christians. 27 Agabus prophesieth a dearth; the disciples send relief from Antioch to the brethren in Judaea by Barnabas and Saul.


AND the apostles and abrethren that were in Judaea heard that bthe Gentiles had also received the word of God.

a v.12,29.

And when Peter was come up to Jerusalem, cthey that were of the circumcision contended with him,


Saying, dThou wentest in to men uncircumcised, and didst eat with them.


But ePeter *rehearsed the matter from the beginning, and expounded it by order unto them, saying,


fI was in the city of Joppa praying: and gin a trance I saw a vision, hA certain vessel descend, as it had been a great sheet, let down from heaven by four corners; and it came even to me:


Upon the which when I had fastened mine eyes, I considered, and saw ifourfooted beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air.


And I heard a voice saying unto me, jArise, Peter; slay and eat.


But I said, kNot so, Lord: for nothing common or unclean hath at any time entered into my mouth.


But the voice answered me again from heaven, lWhat God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.


And this was done mthree times: and nall were drawn up again into heaven.


And, behold, immediately there were three men already come unto the house where I was, sent from Caesarea unto me.


And othe Spirit *bade me go with them, nothing doubting. Moreover pthese six brethren accompanied me, and we entered into the man's house:


qAnd he shewed us how he had seen an angel in his house, which stood and said unto him, Send men to Joppa, and call for Simon, whose surname is Peter;


Who shall tell thee rwords, whereby thou and all thy house shall be saved.


And as I began to speak, sthe Holy *Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning.


Then tremembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, uJohn indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy *Ghost.


Forasmuch then as vGod gave them the like gift as he did unto us, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ; what was I, wthat I could withstand God?


When they heard these things, xthey held their peace, and glorified God, saying, yThen hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life.


zNow they which were scattered *abroad upon the persecution that arose about Stephen travelled as far as aPhenice, and bCyprus, and Antioch, preaching the word cto none but unto the Jews only.


And some of them were men of Cyprus and dCyrene, which, when they were come to Antioch, spake unto the e*Grecians, fpreaching the Lord Jesus.


gAnd the hand of the Lord was with them: and a great number believed, and hturned unto the Lord.


¶Then tidings of these things came unto the ears of the church which was in Jerusalem: and ithey sent forth Barnabas, that he should go as far as Antioch.


Who, when he came, and jhad seen the grace of God, was glad, and kexhorted them all, that with lpurpose of mheart they would ncleave unto the Lord.


For he was a ogood man, and full of the Holy *Ghost and of faith: and much people was added unto the Lord.


pThen departed Barnabas to Tarsus, for to seek Saul:


And when he had found him, he brought him unto qAntioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year rthey assembled themselves 1with the church, and staught much people. And the disciples were called tChristians first in Antioch.

q v.22.

¶And in these days came uprophets from Jerusalem unto Antioch.


And there stood up one of them named vAgabus, and signified by the Spirit that there should be great dearth throughout all the world: which came to pass in the days of wClaudius Caesar.


Then the disciples, every man xaccording to his ability, determined to send relief unto the ybrethren which dwelt in Judaea:

y v.1.

Which also they did, and sent it to the zelders by the hands of Barnabas and Saul.