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(Authorised Version Annotated Philippians Inleiding)


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The apostle Paul, being admonished in a divine vision by a man of Macedonia that he should preach the Gospel in Macedonia, began it in the city of Philippi, and having planted a congregation there, sent this epistle unto them out of his bonds at Rome, by Epaphroditus, to confirm them in the faith, chapter 2:25. For which end, after the superscription, he first of all commends the Philippians for their steadfastness in the faith, notwithstanding his bonds and tribulations, which he relates with the fruit of the same, and declares afterwards, that although he had rather die, and be with CHRIST, yet he trusted that he would remain alive for some further time yet, for their service and benefit, chapter 1. Further, exhorts them to all manner of Christian virtues, especially to patience, constancy, unity, and humility, by the example of CHRIST, Who, being in the form of God, humbled Himself unto the death of the cross, and adjoins a recommendation of Timothy and Epaphroditus, chapter 2. Afterward he warns them of the false apostles, who mingled together the law and the Gospel, and taught that salvation must be obtained by the observation of the law together with faith in CHRIST; to which he opposes his own example and faith in CHRIST alone, for them to imitate, chapter 3. And having exhorted two women there to peaceableness, he again adds a general exhortation to several christian virtues; and finally commends the liberality which the congregation of the Philippians had shown unto him for his sustenance, and thereupon he concludes the epistle with the usual salutations, chapter 4.


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