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(Authorised Version Annotated Matthew Inleiding)


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The evangelist Matthew describes principally two things in this book: first, the Person of the MESSIAH, and the Mediator JESUS CHRIST, and afterward His Office, and how He entered upon, administered and discharged the same. Concerning His Person, that He is the true Emmanuel, very God, and true Man in one Person, and as concerning His human nature, he sets down His parentage, conception by the Holy Spirit, and birth of the Virgin Mary, together with His Name, chapter 1. That certain wise men from the east, being instructed about His birth by a star, came to worship Him; that Herod, being afraid thereof, caused all the young children in Bethlehem from two years old and under to be murdered, but that CHRIST’S parents, being warned of God, fled into Egypt with the Child, and with the Same went and dwelled at Nazareth afterwards, chapter 2. Concerning His office, he declares how He was prepared thereunto, and how He discharged the same. That John the Baptist prepared the way for Him by his preaching, and baptized Him, and that then God the Father and the Holy Spirit installed Him into His office from heaven, chapter 3. That He was further prepared for it by forty days fasting, and a mighty conflict against the temptations of the devil. That afterwards He executed and administered His Office in the state of humiliation, as well as in the state of exaltation. That in the state of humiliation, He first administered His Prophetical office, and for that end went from Nazareth and lived at Capernaum, teaching in the synagogues of Galilee, and confirming His doctrine by miracles, chapter 4. And he describes an excellent sermon which He made upon the mount, in which He shows the blessedness of His disciples, purges the law from the false interpretations of the pharisees, chapter 5. He teaches how one must give alms, and pray, and that we must not be too much troubled about our temporal sustenance, chapter 6. Must not judge our neighbor; must beware of false prophets, and not only hear the Word of God, but also keep it, chapter 7. That He cleansed lepers, healed sick persons, calmed the tempest and cast out devils, chapter 8. That He healed one who was struck with the palsy, called Matthew from the receipt of custom to be an apostle, released a woman from her bloody issue; raised a damsel from death, cast out a dumb devil, chapter 9. That He sent forth in advance the twelve apostles to preach, with power to cast out unclean spirits, and give them order how to carry themselves therein, chapter 10. That He gave an excellent testimony of John the Baptist when he had sent two of his disciples unto Him; threatened very heavy punishments unto those cities which embraced not the Gospel; and invited all heavy laden sinners unto Him, chapter 11. That He defended His disciples, who plucked ears of corn on the Sabbath day; escaped the snares of the pharisees; cast out a blind and deaf devil; convinced the pharisees with the sin against the Holy Spirit; announcing everlasting punishment unto them, and taught who is His true mother, brother and sister, chapter 12. That He described the condition of His church here in this world by several parables, namely, of a sower, of mustard seed, of an hidden treasure, of a merchant man, and of a fishing net; that He came into His own country where He was not esteemed, chapter 13. Relates the imprisonment and death of John the Baptist, and how CHRIST fed five thousand men with five loaves and two fishes; walked on the water; calmed the tempest, and healed many sick persons in the land of Gennesaret, chapter 14. Defended His disciples for eating with unwashed hands; teaching what it is that truly defiles the man; that He freed the daughter of a Canaanite’s woman from an unclean spirit, and satisfied four thousand men with seven loaves and a few little fishes, chapter 15. That He rebuked the pharisees for seeking a sign and warned His disciples of their leaven; that Peter made an excellent confession of Him, to whom He promised the keys of the kingdom of heaven; that CHRIST foretold His sufferings and death, as likewise His resurrection and coming in glory, chapter 16. That He showed proof of His glory upon the mount in front of three of His disciples, and taught that John the Baptist was that Elias who was for to come; healed one who was a lunatic; again foretold His death and resurrection and paid tribute, chapter 17. That He exhorts His disciples to humility; that they should avoid offenses; withstand sinful lusts; not to despise the little ones by the similitude of a lost sheep; how we must admonish an offending brother and forgive him his trespass by the similitude of a king, who acquitted his servant of ten thousand talents, chapter 18. That a man must not leave his wife except it be for adultery; teaches for whom marriage is needful; blesses the little children; instructs the young man what he must do, if so be he will obtain eternal life through his own works; how hardly rich persons can be saved and what reward they shall have who leave all for His sake, chapter 19. That by a similitude of laborers hired into the vineyard, He taught that the reward is given by God of mere grace; foretold His suffering; reproved the mother of the sons of Zebedee for her ambitious request and admonishes His apostles that they should not seek after greatness; restored two blind men to their sight, chapter 20. That He made His Royal entrance into Jerusalem; cursed a fruitless fig tree; disputed with the priests in the temple concerning His authority and Person, chapter 21. By a similitude of those who were invited to the wedding, He taught that there are always hypocrites in the visible church; and that the true members must be endued with faith, as with a wedding garment. That we must pay tribute unto Caesar; that after the resurrection there shall be no marriages; that the law of God consists summarily in loving God and our neighbor; that He is not only the Son, but also the Lord of David, chapter 22. Warns His disciples concerning the pharisees, that they truly must receive what they teach them out of Moses and the Prophets, but not imitate their pride and hypocrisy, nor adhere to their false doctrine, and announces an eternal woe unto them for their hypocrisy as well as for their bloodthirstiness, chapter 23. Foretells the desolation of the temple and of the city of Jerusalem, with the signs which shall precede both that and His second coming, and exhorts to watch and pray, chapter 24. By the parables of ten virgins who waited for the coming of the bridegroom, and of the servants to whom their lord had distributed talents to trade withal, and describes His last coming to judgment, chapter 25. That He again foretells His suffering, which was now at hand; that the rulers held a council to apprehend Him, with whom Judas negotiates to deliver Him to them. That He discovers the traitor to His disciples; eats the Passover with His disciples; and institutes the Lord's Supper in its place; foretells the flight of His disciples and Peter's denial. How He. That Judas feels sorry and hangs himself; that CHRIST is brought to Pilate, who seeks to save Him but in vain, and finally delivers Him over to be crucified, after He was mocked and scourged; that He was led out of the city bearing His cross, where His garments were taken off Him and lots cast upon them; and being nailed to the cross with two murderers, He dies; showing Who He was by many miracles; and is buried, chapter 27. That the third day He rises again from the dead; and shows Himself alive again to certain women, and to His disciples, whom He commands to preach the Gospel through the entire world, chapter 28.


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