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(Authorised Version Annotated Ephesians Inleiding)


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Forasmuch as the apostle Paul had first preached at Ephesus, which was the main city of Asia Minor, Acts 18:19, and afterward, being returned, had for three years confirmed and spread abroad the Gospel in the same city and thereabouts, as may be seen, Acts 19 and 20:13, and in that time had planted a fair congregation, whose teachers and elders, in his last journey towards Jerusalem, he had called together, and warned them of those who should seek to bring in perverse doctrine, for to draw the disciples of CHRIST after them, that after my departing shall grievous uwolves enter in among you, not vsparing the flock." data-title="Ac. 20:29" target="_blank" class="reference" >Acts 20:29, etc., afterward being prisoner at Rome, Eph. 3:1; 6:20, he thought it needful to confirm them in the truth received by this epistle, especially against such as derogated from the grace of JESUS CHRIST. For this cause, after the apostolic salutation contained in the two first verses of the 1st chapter, he rehearses in a very lofty style all the benefits which the faithful, according to God’s eternal purpose in CHRIST, have also received in time, unto the 15th verse of the same chapter. And in the remaining part of the chapter adds thereunto an earnest prayer unto God, that they may be strengthened more and more, in the acknowledgment of this so great grace, and of the powerful working of CHRIST, now being set down in glory at the right hand of the Father. In the 2nd chapter he further sets before their eyes the miserable state, in which as Gentiles they were before, outside of the covenant of God, and without hope of salvation, and declares that they are delivered from it only by the death of CHRIST, and that only by faith in CHRIST, Who has taken away the wall of partition of the law, they are now become fellow-heirs of the covenant. In the 3rd chapter he extols the mystery of this doctrine, concerning the calling of the Gentiles unto the communion of CHRIST, without being obliged to the ceremonies; and testifies that it was kept secret from eternity, but now by the prophets and apostles so evidently manifested, that even the angels in heaven stand admiring at it, unto the 14th verse. And therefore prays anew unto the end of the chapter, that they may be strengthened with the power of God’s Spirit, to feel this grace of CHRIST in them more and more. In the 4th chapter and so forward, he sets down certain general exhortations unto a Christian conduct of life, and above all exhorts them to unity and steadfastness in this doctrine. To promote for unity against all errors, CHRIST now, being ascended into heaven, ordained several offices in the congregation, and this he does unto the 17th verse. Afterward he exhorts them to the putting off of the old man with all his evil desires, and putting on of the new man with all his virtues, from thenceforth unto the 22nd verse of the 5th chapter. From where he comes unto particular duties; and first of wife and husband in the married state, which he declares by the example of CHRIST and His congregation unto the end of the 5th chapter. Afterwards of children and parents, and together with servants and masters, unto the 10th verse of the 6th chapter. And finally arms them with the whole armor of God, exhorting them to be watching in prayer, not only for themselves, but also for all saints, and especially for him in his bonds, of which Tychicus, who brought this epistle, should give them account more fully. After which he concludes the epistle in the two last verses with a wish of peace and grace, and of faith and love.


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