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(Authorised Version Annotated Hebrews Inleiding)


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2H E B R E W S

This epistle is a very excellent writing of the New Testament, in which the excellence of the Person and of the offices of JESUS CHRIST our Savior are described in a method usual with the apostle Paul in almost all his epistles, and in a very Divine style unto the 19th verse of the tenth chapter. From this forward to the end of the epistle several exhortations are proposed, serving for the confirmation in the faith and in the christian conduct. As concerning the Person of CHRIST, he treats about this in the two first chapters. In the first chapter he proves His true and eternal Godhead, with a declaration of His excellence above all angels. In the second chapter he proves His true human nature which He assumed of the seed of Abraham for our redemption. In the third and fourth chapters he speaks of His Prophetical office, and exalts that far above the office of the prophet Moses, and shows that His doctrine is more worthy and powerful, and therefore must be taken heed to with greater carefulness. In the fifth chapter he begins to speak of CHRIST’S calling to the Priestly office, and after he had made a digression from the eleventh verse of the fifth chapter unto the end of the sixth chapter, serving to stir them up to attention and carefulness in holding fast this doctrine, he then comes to declare in the seventh chapter the attribute of the kingly and priestly office of CHRIST, by a continual comparison of Melchizedek and his offices, unto the end of the chapter. In the eighth chapter he sets the excellence of the Priestly office of CHRIST before our eyes, by the comparison of the Old Covenant with the excellence of the New Covenant; and finally from the beginning of the ninth chapter unto the 19th verse of the tenth chapter, he declares the attributes and excellences of the Priestly office of CHRIST by a comparison with the office of the priests of the Old Testament, and especially with the office of the High Priest, as well in his other administrations as in his yearly entrance into the Holy of Holies, and therewith concludes the treatment of the first part of the epistle. In the 19th verse of the tenth chapter he comes to the second part of the epistle and exhorts them in general to obedience and steadfastness in this proposed doctrine, notwithstanding their tribulations and his bonds. Afterwards he treats of faith and the characteristics of faith through the entire eleventh chapter, and of the characteristics of the christian hope and patience in the twelfth chapter, and of several duties of love unto the 20th verse of the thirteenth chapter, and from this unto the end he concludes the epistle with an earnest prayer unto God for them, with a short exhortation and relation of Timothy’s release, and with the usual salutation.


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