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(Authorised Version Annotated Proverbs Inleiding)


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This book contains most excellent, holy, and instructive proverbs or sentences, which king Solomon, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, (by Whom he was endued with singular wisdom both in Divine and human matters) has uttered, and God of His good grace wanted to have them written and preserved for the common use of His church. The contents concerning the true wisdom and fear of the Lord with all manner of effectual exhortations to the performance of our bounden duty is not only toward God, but also toward ourselves and our neighbor, in what state or condition so ever anyone may be in on earth, with the promise of this present life, and what is to come, together with most faithful dissuasions and warnings to abstain from all sins, vices and frailties, contrary to the first and second table of God’s law, especially, from whoredom and adultery. Accordingly, this book is rightly held to be an overflowing fountain of wholesome doctrine, in all things requisite to a wise, holy and well-pleasing prudence of life and conduct, in all callings, both general and particular, private and public, and consequently ought to be highly recommended unto all christians, far above all that which has been written by heathen philosophers, or worldly-wise men of wisdom and of the highest good, and of the virtues and vices. Concerning the compilation of these proverbs, it seems that Solomon himself has collected and joined together these proverbs, which are recorded after his instructive preface or introduction of the first 9 chapters (which are full of the praise of heavenly wisdom in general, and especially of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, Who is the eternal Wisdom and Word of the Father) from the 10th chapter to the 25th, and that the following proverbs, from the 25th to the 30th chapter, were, by the command of that religious king Hezekiah (when he reformed the decayed kingdom), written out and gathered out of Solomon’s own or other holy men’s records. In the 30th chapter are contained the words of Agur. In the last, the doctrine of Solomon’s mother, which he embraced, set down in writing, and has left behind for the public instruction of the church of God.


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