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(Authorised Version Annotated Zechariah Inleiding)


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Zechariah is the second prophet who preached among the Jews after the liberation from the Babylonian imprisonment, beginning but two months after the prophet Haggai commenced to preach, namely, in the 8th month of the 2nd year of king Darius. In this book many excellent points are handled whereof these are the principal ones: first, he exhorts the Jews, who were returned back out of the Babylonian captivity into Judea, to true repentance and conversion; in the second place, he rehearses several visions whereby God taught them what a Fatherly care He had on them, and especially how graciously He had delivered them out of the Babylonian captivity, with the promise that He would also keep and protect them for the future, if they would but turn to Him uprightly, and go on diligently to rebuild the temple; thirdly, Zechariah prophecies of the destruction of all enemies of God’s people, as also of the coming MESSIAH, and the mercies and benefits which He would show to His church, together with the enlargement thereof on account of the conversion of the Gentiles unto it.

In the New Testament there are several passages cited from the prophet Zechariah, as well by CHRIST JESUS Himself, as by the evangelists and apostles, Mat. 21:5; 26:31; 27:9; Mark 14:27; John 12:15; 19:37; Eph. 4:25; Rev. 1:7; which serve to commend unto us the reading of this prophet, and to make him the more acceptable to us.


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