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(Authorised Version Annotated Romans Inleiding)


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This epistle was written by the apostle Paul from Corinth, to the church of CHRIST at Rome, to confirm them in the doctrine of the Holy Gospel, against all errors, schisms, and offenses that rose up, and contains in it a short and solid exposition of the principal articles of the christian religion, and of all the benefits which in and through CHRIST we receive from God. Wherefore this Epistle is rightly accounted a key for the right understanding of the entire Holy Scriptures; and especially for the right understanding of the fulfillment of the promises made to the people of Israel by Moses and the prophets, for salvation both of Jews and Gentiles. And it has three parts (as almost all the following epistles): first an introduction to the 16th verse; secondly, the discourse of doctrines, from the 16th verse of the first chapter unto the 14th verse of the 15th chapter; thirdly, the conclusion of the epistle, from there unto the end. The discourse of the doctrine of salvation again has several points: I. Of man’s justification before God, not by works, but by faith in JESUS CHRIST, he treats from the 16th verse of the first chapter unto the end of the 5th chapter; II. Of sanctification or renewal of man, he treats from the beginning of the 6th chapter unto the beginning of the 7th, in which he describes the strife which they, who are already renewed, still have against the flesh; as in the 8th chapter the victory, which by the Spirit the regenerate have over the flesh, and the comfort and assurance of their salvation, which they obtain hereby, even in the midst of all crosses and persecution; III. Of God’s eternal Election, as to the origin and fountain of all these benefits, he treats of them in the 9th chapter to the 24th verse; IV. And from there forward of God’s powerful calling according to this election, as well of Gentiles as of Jews, unto the end of the 11th chapter. Upon which occasion he also treats of reprobation in between. In the following chapters, 12; 13; 14; 15, he treats of the duties of love and thankfulness, which we owe unto God for these benefits, as well in respect of the obedience of God’s commandments in general, in the 12th and 13th chapters, as in respect of the right use of indifferent things, and of bearing with those who are yet weak in knowledge of the christian liberty, in the 14th chapter and in the first 13 verses of the 15th chapter. From where follows the conclusion of this epistle, consisting in an excuse of his boldness in writing and admonishing, with a promise of his coming unto them, and several salutations to certain persons; and lastly with a thanksgiving and prayer unto God for them, so that the apostle in the discourse of the doctrine, holds the same order, which is held in the Catechism of the reformed churches.


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