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(Authorised Version Annotated 2 Timothy Inleiding)


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The apostle Paul, being prisoner at Rome, 2 Tim. 1:8, and seeing that his death was now approaching, 2 Tim. 4:6, wrote this second epistle to Timothy, who was at Ephesus, in which, after the usual salutation, he entreats him that he would come quickly unto him, declaring how greatly he longs for him, because of his eminent godliness, in which he was brought up from his childhood by his grandmother and mother. He exhorts him earnestly to employ his gifts well, and not to fear to spread abroad boldly the comfortable and most excellent doctrine of the Holy Gospel, according to his example; the rather, because all those who were of Asia had forsaken him, except Onesiphorus, who had given him much assistance, 2 Tim. 1. Also for the propagation of the same doctrine, that he would commit the same office to other faithful and able men, and especially confirm the article of CHRIST’S resurrection. He comforts him against tribulations, both by his own example and by God’s gracious recompense. He exhorts him to avoid all contentious disputations, and warns him of heretics, especially of Hymenæus and Philetus, who denied the resurrection of the dead, with an exhortation unto several Christian virtues, 2 Tim. 2. And to stir him up to greater vigilance, he foretells him what manner of people shall be in the last times, and how they shall oppose the truth, exhorting him to follow his example, and steadfastly continue in the doctrine which he learned from him, as agreeing with the Holy Scripture, the certainty and profitableness, of which he declares in 2 Tim. 3. Finally, knowing that he would also shortly be put to death, he exhorts him very earnestly to administer his office diligently and faithfully, and to come yet unto him before the winter, seeing the rather they had all forsaken him at his verbal defense; and concludes with the usual salutations, 2 Tim. 4.


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