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The content of this book, or of this Gospel, is the same with the Gospel of Matthew, which he seems to comprise in a summary. He describes therefore, how the Lord CHRIST administered His office upon earth. First, how He administered His Prophetical office, having therein John the Baptist for a forerunner to prepare the way for Him, by whom He is baptized. And how after He had overcome the temptations of Satan, He began to preach the Gospel, and how He calls four disciples, casts out an unclean spirit, heals Peter’s mother-in-law of a fever, and many others of their diseases, cleanses a leper, chapter 1. That He heals one sick of the palsy, calls Matthew to be an apostle, defends His disciples that they did not fast, and had plucked ears of corn on the sabbath, chapter 2. How He cured one who had a withered hand; that a great multitude followed Him; that He called the twelve to be apostles; defends the truth of His miracles against the blasphemy of His. That by the parable of the seed He teaches how the Word of God is to be heard fruitfully, and preached it publicly; and how it increases little by little like a seed that grows up, and like a mustard seed; that He calms the tempest, chapter 4. Casts out a legion of devils; raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead, and cures a woman of a bloody issue, chapter 5. That He teaches at Nazareth, and sends out His apostles to preach the Gospel; what opinion Herod, who beheaded John, had of CHRIST; how He feeds five thousand men with five loaves and two fishes; walks on the water, and comes to His disciples, and heals many sick persons, chapter 6. How He reproves the Pharisees that they made the law of God of none effect by their institutions, and teaches what defiles the man; casts out the devil out of the daughter of a Canaanite’s woman; heals one deaf and dumb, chapter 7. That He again feeds four thousand with seven loaves and a few fishes; refuses to give the Pharisees a sign; admonishes His disciples to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod; restores a blind man to sight; foretells His suffering, and exhorts His disciples to patience, chapter 8. How He shows His glory upon the Mount in front of three disciples, and instructs them concerning the coming of Elias; casts out a dumb and deaf spirit; again foretells His suffering, and exhorts His disciples to humility, doing good, and avoiding of offenses, chapter 9. Disputes with the Pharisees concerning divorce; blesses little children; gives answer to one who sought salvation by his own righteousness, what he then has to do. Teaches what hindrance riches are to salvation; promises eternal life to those who shall have forsaken the same for His sake; once more foretells His suffering; rejects the request of the sons of Zebedee; exhorts His disciples to humility; restores blind Bartimæus to his sight, chapter 10. How He makes His Royal. Shows the Jews their ingratitude by the parable of the husbandmen who beat and killed the servants, and also the son of the lord of the vineyard; teaches that we must pay tribute to Cæsar, and that we shall not marry after the resurrection; teaches which is the greatest commandment; that He is not only the Son, but also the Lord of David; exhorts to flee the customs of the Pharisees; commends the small alms of a poor widow, chapter 12. Foretells the desolation of the temple, and the miseries which would precede the same, and the grievousness of them; foretells also His coming to judgment, and that the time thereof is unknown, and exhorts to watch and pray, chapter 13. How the rulers of the Jews take counsel to apprehend Him, with whom Judas agrees for to deliver Him over. How He is anointed; keeps the Passover with His disciples, to whom He discovers the traitor; keeps the Holy Supper with them; foretells His suffering, death and resurrection, also the flight of the disciples, and Peter’s denial. Enters upon His suffering in the garden with very great distress and earnest prayer; is betrayed, taken, led to the high priest, examined, charged by false witnesses and condemned to death. How Peter denies Him three times, chapter 14. How He is delivered over to Pilate, the governor, who examines Him, and places Him over against Barabbas to release Him, and finally, suffers Him to be scourged and crucified; how He bears His cross, and is nailed to it, together with two murderers; is mocked on the cross, and dies, and is buried by Joseph of Arimathea, with the consent of Pilate, chapter 15. How on the third day, early in the morning, He arose from the dead, and, both by an angel and by His appearances, has assured certain godly women and His disciples thereof; and having given command to His apostles to preach the Gospel throughout the

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