The apostle, after the superscription and the salutation, 3 Greatly praises the godliness of Gaius, to whom he writes this epistle, 4 For which he also rejoices, 5 And chiefly he praises his hospitality towards the brethren, who were constrained to travel into strange countries for the Gospel’s sake, 6 And exhorts him to persevere therein. 9 Complains of one Diotrephes, that he sought to be master in the congregation, reproached the apostle, and hindered the receiving of such brethren. 11 Exhorts Gaius not to follow that evil example. 12 And recommends one Demetrius unto him, to whom he gives good testimony. 13 Concludes with a declaration, why he wrote not a longer epistle unto him. 14 And with mutual salutations.